Author, Narrator, Writer, Inventor, Creator, Liar, Artist, Reader, Killer (of characters)

A.N.W.I.C.L.A.R.K. is dedicated to the art of writing, and in its place as a contributing factor to other art, be it film, music, or video games. It showcases fictional works by the author, Andrew William Clark.


What the heck does A.N.W.I.C.L.A.R.K. stand for?

It’s meant to reference old James Bond film as well as a certain video game, while incorporating the website name, and is probably not as clever as I initially thought it was. More concretely, the acronym also spells out what I aspire to be and do as a writer:

Author – I want to write stuff.

Narrator – I want to tell stories.

Writer – I want to write stuff and never shut up about it.

Inventor – I want my stories to be innovative (or at least interesting).

Creator – I want to play God in a fictional universe (insert evil laugh).

Liar – I want to write fiction, ergo I must pull stuff out of my posterior end.

Artist – I want to invest all of my skill points in wordsmithing.

Reader – Gotta find inspiration somewhere.

Killer (of characters) – What, you thought everyone was going to make it? This ain’t Season 8 of Game of Thrones

When is your next book/blog post coming out?

For blog posts: I strive to publish at least one per month, time permitting.

For my next novel: I honestly have no idea – while I hate to use the old “it’ll be ready when it’s ready!” cliche, I hate rushed, half-arsed content even more. As much as I’d like to set a ballpark estimate, I’d rather just take whatever time is needed to create a quality product. As such, the best I can give right now is “hopefully less than 10 years”. Expect semi-regular updates and the occasional chapter preview 🙂

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