Author, Narrator, Writer, Inventor, Creator, Liar, Artist, Reader, Killer (of characters)

Welcome to Andrew William Clark’s (Mildly) Evil Lair of Writing!

Current/Upcoming Works

Father Figure


My first novel; a tale of three teenagers (the badass one, the lovesick one who pines after the badass one, and the badass one’s brother who may or may not be evil), who run away from home only to find themselves trapped in a deserted town full of nightmares. Inspired by the literary works of Stephen King and Brian Keene as well as survival horror games of the 1990’s. Check it out on Amazon!

L0VE Lost


The upcoming sequel to Father Figure, featuring the adventures, of, ah, whatever main characters survived the first book? (Trying to avoid spoilers here!). The horror/fantasy elements of Father Figure will still be present in this one, but it should also appeal to fans of post-apocalyptic settings, cyberpunk, and adventure fiction. More news to come!

About the Author

Andrew William Clark likes stories.

He likes to read stories in books, to watch them in movies, to experience them in video games or through a session of Dungeons and Dragons. Ideally he likes a good story, but he’s not that picky: bad stories need some love too, especially hilariously bad ones.

He likes stories so much that, occasionally, he manages to get off his butt and actually write some of his own. Only time will tell if they are good, hilariously bad, or just plain boring bad (preferably one of the first two).

When not engrossed in the imaginary, Andrew William Clark likes to collect toys, nice coats, and cool hats. Which is to say, he is always engrossed in the imaginary.

Andrew William Clark lives in Canada with his nagging absolutely wonderful wife (who amazingly has yet to run away screaming), and serves as pet human to a very spoiled fur ball of the feline persuasion.